Home Styling Before & After: A Tulsa 80s Boho Bedroom

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For what it costs us to go to a nice dinner or for what we paid for our last staycation thing...I had two experts show up at my home, transform the room that sets the tone for every single day of my life, and leave me with specific actions I could take starting immediately to continue to improve the space.
— Natasha Ball, House Sparrow Fine Nesting
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A dark bedroom turns colorful 80s boho in one hour

We were super pumped to do a home styling session with our bud Tasha of House Sparrow Fine Nesting this fall. Tasha has amazing taste as evidenced by her handmade textiles, put-together 80s home and general loveliness. However, Tasha's bedroom had her feeling not so good. She described it as a dark place she hated spending time in. Yikes! No one deserves to feel that way about their bedroom (You sleep there, you wake up there, you do other stuff there.). Instead of avoiding "a dark, dingy, and sad bedroom," Tasha longed to "spend lazy mornings cuddled in bed with coffee and a book and [her] babies."

Tasha signed up for the MINI-SESSION, which includes a lot of prep work, then us coming to do major work in one mega hour. Our hour with Tasha and her bedroom included dismantling too large furniture, shopping her home and giving her direction on how to finish the space after our session. At the end of the hour, Tasha's bedroom looked totally different, about ten steps closer to the 80s boho paradise she had envisioned. Read the full account of this awesome before and after on Tasha's blog! She said the kindest words about us and our work. Tasha, we can't thank you enough for choosing to work with us. We love what we do. And we LOVED working in your amazing style of choice.

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80s boho bedroom

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